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Civitas is a place for
civil discussion among
a diverse and dynamic
group of people
who want to make
a positive difference in the community.


Why Civitas and why now?

Every community small or large faces critical challenges whether they be contending with homeless populations, providing quality public education, addressing growing traffic/congestion or incorporating on-going new development.

In a time when we need to invest more time having thoughtful conservations to develop creative solutions that we can all support, too many have run to the safety of what they know and limited engagement with people who think differently. There is too much at stake if we fall into this trap, so a group of passionate and diverse community leaders have come together to create a unique space where civically-minded people can come together in an informal environment to develop more complete perspectives and spin-out meaningful new collaborative efforts.

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Civitas: noun, plural civ·i·ta·tes.

the body of citizens who constitute a state, especially a city-state, commonwealth, or the like

1. citizenship, especially as imparting shared responsibility, a common purpose, and sense of community.

In the history of Rome, the Latin term civitas, according to Cicero in the time of the late Roman Republic, was the social body of the cives,or citizens, united by law.

It is the law that binds them together, giving them responsibilities on the one hand and rights of citizenship on the other. The agreement has a life of its own, creating a res publica or "public entity", into which individuals are born or accepted, and from which they die or are ejected. The civitas is not just the collective body of all the citizens, it is the contract binding them all together, because of which each is a civis.

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Civitas has been conceptualized, organized and launch by a founding board of volunteer directors. The creation of Civitas itself is an example of civic innovation that we hope will be commonplace at the Club – a group of members coming together to develop something new and creative that could have important community impact.

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To achieve its purpose, Civitas will have formal and informal programming. Programming will generally be light weight though just enough to encourage relationship building and meaningful discussion among its members. Because the emphasis is on unplanned, high value “collisions” among a diverse and dynamic group, there will always be a lot of unstructured, “unprogrammed” time. However, there will be some formal programming to provide some structure, as well as some clever ways of encouraging participation and community interaction during even seemingly unprogrammed time. The program should support the formation and strengthening of critical relationships in hopes that some of these relationships will lead to new powerful collaborations outside of the Club.

If you see yourself as civically-minded leader who is yearning to engage with others who share a deep commitment to community betterment then we encourage you to apply for membership. The nature and quality of our membership is foundational to achieving our mission of respective collaboration to drive community improvement. With this in mind, the focus of our membership process is to understand your role as community leader and your commitment to engage constructively and civilly with others regardless of their perspective.

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