Civitas has been conceptualized, organized and launched by a founding board of volunteer directors. The creation of Civitas itself is an example of civic innovation that we hope will be commonplace at the Club – a group of members coming together to develop something new and creative that could have important community impact.

Andy Wilson (Chair)
City Council & Innovation Leader

Jim McCarthy (Vice Chair & Programs)
Civic Leader & Entrepreneur

Cynthia Kurtz (Membership)
Municipal Government

Grant McComb (Marketing)
Board Chair, Pasadena Media

Emily Hancock (Design & Venue)
Interior Designer

Michael Williamson (Legal)
Civic Leader & Lawyer

Kris Leslie (Finance)
Business Leader & Corporate Board Member

Mark Holdsworth
Civic leader & Investor

Stefanos Polyzoides
Civic Leader & Architect

Charlie Plowman
Magazine Publisher (The Outlook)

David Samuels
Executive Coach & Strategic Advisor

Armando Gonzalez
Civic Leader & Architect

Linda Davis Taylor
Civic Leader & Investor

Sarah Dusseault
Political Expert

Jennifer Devoll
Community Foundation

Pat Amsbry
Civic Leader and Marketer